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Yvan Pacchiodo - Directeur Général SFERIS
Yvan Pacchiodo

Executive Director

Railway infrastructure worksites are developing significantly. For both maintenance operations and new works, the market is now looking out for competitive « turnkey » offers to optimise investments. Players that wish to matter tomorrow therefore need to maximise the creation of value.

This is clearly the choice that SFERIS makes in :

  1. Developing an « expertise and consulting offer », to guide its customers in defining their needs,
  2. Rolling out across all fieldsof maintenance and railway works,
  3. Investing in the business-area versatilityof its field teams.

These principles, accompanied with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, represent the very DNA of SFERIS and contribute to its success.

The SFERIS team has chosen
Five values which commit us

SFERIS team has chosen five values showing its commitment to its customers and partners.

Cohesion - value


Safety - value


Reactivity - value


Innovation - value


Exemplarity - value


Our activities

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Our expertise

SFERIS is able to provide expertise and consulting services on complex works, as well as compliance and quality control tasks on works conducted by railway public-works companies, referred to as external audits.

Apart from these external audits, SFERIS is intervening more and more on industrial sidings at the request of private branch lines. SFERIS accompanies businesses in monitoring their facilities during different stages:

  1. Expertise or diagnosis of railways.
  2. Recommendations and specifications of what is to be carried out.
  3. Costing of maintenance or works to be carried out.
  4. Maintenance and/or works on industrial sidings for refurbishment

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